What to Expect Before Death

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Many people who are caring for a terminally ill person have never done it before. This guide prepares caregivers by discussing both the physical symptoms of dying and the psychological issues that accompany the dying process. It may also be used by hospices and other end-of-life organizations as a helpful training aid for staff and volunteers. 

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Myths about Dying
Many pervasive cultural misconceptions about dying exist that can interfere with people receiving the best possible care at the end of life. Debunking these myths and understanding the realities can allow caregivers to better support dying persons and their loved ones.

Signs of Approaching Death 
Sometimes caregivers do not know how to tell when their patient or loved one is dying. But patients often tend to show specific symptoms when they are nearing death. This handout describes many of these symptoms.

Emergency Profile
This material will help to anticipate what rational decisions will need to be made in times of crisis.