Are You a Caregiver?

Donate to HFAWhen a loved one is dying, family members and other loved ones are suddenly thrust into the role of caregiver with little preparation, and without knowing what to expect. Hospice can help.

The Caregiver's Section offers practical tools, reading suggestions, and tips on caregiving for persons near the end-of-life.  Most of this information is useful under other caregiving situations. 

So whether you are a paid caregiving professional or someone new to the caregiving experience, we at Hospice Foundation of America hope that the Caregiver's Section will serve as a helpful source of information for you.

Suggestions for Navigating through this Caregiver's Section

View our Caregiver's Tools to see if there are any useful items for you. Spend a few minutes with the Reading List where you may learn the caregiving literature. HFA has reviewed these publications for usefulness.  The two sites listed below are exceptionally valuable for caregivers.

Listen to this free 20-minute program - Family Caregiving: Coping with the Challenges.

Order your copy of A Caregiver's Guide to the Dying Process today.

We welcome your suggestions. Thank you.

Visit two other helpful organizations where you can find more caregiver information:

National Family Caregiver Association

Family Caregiver Alliance