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We want you to know the facts about hospice care in America today.

Simply put, highly trained, compassionate professionals provide personalized care, tailored to an individual’s specific needs, to grant a wish shared by an overwhelming majority of Americans – to pass away in comfortable and familiar surroundings such as home, surrounded by loved ones, with their pain and symptoms controlled and dignity preserved.

Yet, most Americans don’t exercise their right to hospice care.  Whether that is because they are unaware or misinformed about what hospice care is or how they can access the physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort that hospice care provides, Hospice Foundation of America – and you – can help.

Hospice Foundation of America works to ensure that everyone who can benefit from hospice care will have access to this exceptional, quality care. For nearly 30 years, Hospice Foundation of America has served as a national resource for people living with advanced illness, as well as the loved ones and professionals who provide their care.

We’ve funded special grief camps that combine recreational and therapeutic activities for children and adolescents whose parent or sibling died by violence or illness.

We’ve educated tens of thousands of hospice and other medical professionals about end-of-life issues related to such topics as spirituality, ethics, pain management, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and grief.

And we’ve busted myths and corrected misinformation about the unparalleled patient care or grief counseling for loved ones that hospice provides.

Your donation to the Hospice Foundation of America ensures that we can continue to pursue our goal of promoting hospice values, such as compassion and dignity, across the country. 

To be a key advocate for hospice and spread the word about HFA, please remember us during the giving season and encourage your colleagues to think of us, as well.

Thank you for your support!

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