Children and Adolescents

Donate to HFALiving With Grief: Children and, Adolescents focuses on the experience of grieving children and adolescents and the ways that hospices, schools, grief counselors, and parents can best support these populations as they cope with loss and grief.

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Topics Covered Include:
Section I: Developmental Perspectives

Children's Emerging Awareness of Death Charles A. Corr
Voices Julia Marquez

1. The Adolescent's Encounter with Death David Balk

2. Completing the Picture: Adult Perspectives on Death - Implications for Children and Adolescents Kenneth J. Doka

Section II: The Dying Child

  1. Children's Hospice Care Charles A. Corr
  2. Management of End-of-Life Pain and Suffering in Children and Adolescents Rebecca Selove, Dianne Cochran, and Ira Todd Cohen
  3. Dying at an Early Age: Ethical Issues in Pediatric Palliative Care Bruce Jennings

Section III: Children, Adolescents, Grief, and Loss

  1. Grieving Children and Adolescents: Lessons from the Harvard Child Bereavement Study J. William Worden
    Voices Sam Jensen
  2. When a Parent Dies: Helping Grieving Children and Adolescents Rachel A. Haine, Tim S. Ayers, Irwin N. Sandler, and Sharlene A. Wolchik
  3. Sibling Loss: Issues for Children and Adolescents Nancy Hogan
  4. When a Friend Dies Illene C. Noppe and Lloyd D. Noppe
  5. Military Children and Grief Betsy Beard with Judith Mathewson, Tina Saari and Heather Campagna

Section IV: Therapeutic Interventions with Children and Adolescents

  1. Grief Therapy with Children and Adolescents: An Overview David A. Crenshaw
  2. Camps for Grieving Children: Lessons from the Field Sherry R. Schachter and Maria Georgopoulos
    Voices Rebecca Wayne
  3. Grief Groups for Grieving Children and Adolescents Donna Schuurman
  4. Play Therapy to Help Bereaved Children Nancy Boyd Webb
  5. The Power of Ritual: A Gift for Children and Adolescents Kenneth J. Doka
    Voices Michael Sanioro
  6. Grieving Adolescents: The Paradox of Using Technology for Support Libba James, Kevin Ann Oltjenbruns, and Peggy Whiting
  7. Helping Students Cope with Grief Robert G. Stevenson
  8. When Tragedy Strikes: Response and Prevention Marcia Lattanzi Licht
  9. The Problem Child and Adolescent Suicide Lillian M. Range


Appendix I: Bibliographic Resources - Children, Adolescents, and Grief Charles A. Corr

Appendix II: Establishing Protocols to Respond to Death and Grief in Schools Kenneth J. Doka

Appendix III: Organizational Resources Lisa McGahey Veglahn