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Donate to HFAWe each grieve differently.  For some of us, it is helpful to share our experiences of loss with others who might benefit from our stories and advice.  We here at Journeys often receive letters, short-stories, and personal narratives of grief but due to space constraints can't always publish them in the newsletter.  This page is devoted to our readers' responses.  We hope you will find them thought-provoking and helpful.  Each is printed with the author's permission and is edited as the space will allow.  Share Your Story with us today.

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After thirty years of marriage, my husband Jack passed away in June, 2011. We’d planned to be beachcombers on the Oregon coast this summer. I love living in the motor home and retreated in the mountain near the stream with occasional trips home to keep in touch.
I lost my partner of thirty-one years last April. Lucy was sick with lung cancer for a long time and knew she was going to die. The way Lucy dealt with her oncoming death has been the bedrock of my dealing with grief. Remembering her lack of fear makes me stronger. Remembering, also, my affirmation at a seminar that I took back in the nineties also helps: “I am a strong, intelligent, sensitive, playful woman, worthy of love, opening my heart to all.” Although I have never completely believed it, it lightens my spirit when I repeat it.
Please pass on to all who are involved in the Journeys newsletter how wonderful they do with it. We get such good feedback from our families concerning it and we always read each issue and it helps us in our own personal grief and in our interactions with our patients/families. Thank you so much. Christine Mize, MSW/LSW Social Worker/Bereavement Counselor Hospice of Southern Illinois Marion, IL