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Donate to HFAThese web-based tutorials explore hospice care and a variety of other topics related to end-of-life care. The programs vary from 20-60 minutes in length and continuing education is available for some programs. Hospices may find these programs useful as part of their staff and volunteer training programs, and all are available completely free of charge.

Understanding Hospice | Understanding Grief | Family Caregiving |  Volunteers | Addressing Cultural Diversity in Hospice Care | LGBT and AgingVeterans and End-of-Life Care | Hospice in Rural America | Coping with Cancer | Alzheimer's Disease and Hospice Care

Understanding Hospice
The concept of hospice can be seen as both helpful and unsettling. Hospice recognizes the person’s hope for continued life and can add quality of life at a difficult time. The aim of this presentation is to help you understand what hospice is, what its benefits are, how to access it and how to take advantage of its specialized care and support. Is hospice right for you or someone you love? (60 min)
Understanding Grief 
Whether you are in the midst of grief, concerned about someone who is grieving, or a professional seeking resources for those you work with, this program gives a basic understanding of the grief process, and offers some practical suggestions. (20 min)
Family Caregiving: Coping with the Challenges
More than 66 million people provide care for a loved one each day in the US. Caregiving is both rewarding and challenging. This program offers support and ideas for dealing with this difficult job. (20 min)
Hospice Volunteers: Recruiting, Retaining, Rewarding
Volunteers have always been an essential component of hospice care. This program includes tips and ideas from professional hospice volunteer coordinators, as well as personal insights from hospice volunteers. (45 min) 
Addressing Cultural Diversity in Hospice
This program looks at how our differences, and our similarities, affect end-of-life decisions, and how hospice care can support culturally diverse patients and families.  (50 min) 
Aging and End-of-Life Challenges in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community
Aging and death don’t discriminate. Whether you are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, you grow older every year you’re alive. For those who work for an organization that serves older adults or individuals with life-limiting illnesses this program will prepare you to better serve the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals in your community. (30 min.)
Veterans and End-of-Life Care
Almost 25% of all Americans who are dying are veterans—yet 96% of these veterans are cared for outside the Veterans Affairs Healthcare Network. HFA hopes that this program helps you learn about veterans' military experiences impact their end-of-life experiences—and how hospice can make a difference. (50 min) 
Hospice in Rural America
Over 25% of Americans live in what is considered a rural or frontier area. For those people and their families, hospice services in rural areas are a critical part of the health care delivery system. This program, looks at the development, challenges and special qualities of rural hospices and the communities they serve. (55 min) 
Coping with Cancer at the End of Life 
If it hasn’t already, cancer likely will impact your life in some way at some point. . .as a patient, a caregiver, or a friend or relative. When cancer treatment becomes ineffective, patients and families face highly emotional and very difficult decisions. This program discusses the impact that terminal cancer has on both the person with cancer and those closest to him or her. (60 min)
Alzheimer’s Disease and Hospice Care
Many people are surprised to learn that hospice is available to help care for people in the end stages of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. This program, “Alzheimer’s Disease and Hospice Care” will help you understand how hospice helps persons with advanced dementia face the end of life with compassion and dignity.

This project is provided through the support of a grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to support hospice and end-of-life care outreach and education.

CMS funds of $571,000 with HFA in-kind services of $5,710 are funding a variety of outreach and educational programs.