Pain and Palliative Care

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  • Myths about Pain
    One obstacle to effective pain management is the lack of knowledge about the topic of medication, opioids, and pain relievers. This page shares facts about pain and pain management to help patients receive better care and spend their last days as comfortably as possible.
  • Nutrition and Hydration
    This handout helps to clarify why physicians sometimes withhold nutrition from those who are dying.
  • Partners Against Pain Resources
    Partner Against Pain provides an extensive list of resources for people with pain and those who care for them.
  • End-of-Life Pain Management in Children and Adolescents  PDF
    Unlike palliative care in adults, the treatment of pain and other forms of suffering associated with life-threatening disorders in children has only just begun to be explored. Authors Rebecca Selove, Dianne Cochran, and Ira Todd Cohen examine the issues that professionals face in this difficult situation in this chapter from Pain Management at the End of Life: Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice.
  • The Ethical Dimensions of Pain and Suffering  PDF
    In this chapter from Pain Management at the End of Life, author Ben A. Rich, PhD considers the doctrine of double effect, and the highly charged issues of terminal sedation, total sedation, and conscious sedation.
  • Societal Barriers to Pain Management
    Jack D. Gordon, former Chairman and CEO of the Hospice Foundation of America, discusses some of the societal barriers to good pain management, barriers that exist within the medical profession, and some of the policy issues surrounding this complex subject.

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