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Donate to HFAHospice Foundation of America is a not-for-profit organization that provides leadership in the development and application of hospice and its philosophy of care. Through programs of professional development, research, public education and information, Hospice Foundation of America assists those who cope either personally or professionally with terminal illness, death, and the process of grief.

Below is more information about the programs and services that Hospice Foundation of America offers.

Resources for the Public 

Consumer Information

Whether it is providing answers about hospice care, how to get a hospice referral, or what the Medicare hospice benefit covers, HFA staff is available to serve families needing assistance and unbiased information both directly and through Hospice Foundation of America’s website, an unparalleled resource of information. HFA helps individuals navigate and understand end-of-life care options and HFA experts provide general, medical, and bereavement information. We respond to thousands of phone calls and emails from individuals seeking answers each year. Our services are free to the public through our toll-free phone number and our Ask HFA email service.

In late 2009, HFA embarked on an even larger public outreach mission. Through a generous grant of $571,000 provided  by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,* HFA presented a series of webinars and videos to those needing more information about various aspects of end-of-life care and provided free resources, printed multi-language and multi-cultural materials for consumers regarding hospice care. In addition, HFA website visitors will be able to watch and listen to stories of family members who have experienced hospice care. They will tell their stories of hospice and they will provide valuable insights to what hospice care provided for them and their loved ones. 

* HFA contributed $5710 to this CMS funded program.

Professional Development

Educational Programs

Offering 3 hours continuing education credit (unless otherwise noted) to a number of caregiving professionals such as nurses, social workers, counselors, funeral directors, clergy, and more, Hospice Foundation of America produces the annual educational program, Living With Grief®, seen in more than 2,000 communities across North America. Our flagship program, this award-winning educational series is approved for continuing education for a wide range of healthcare and other professionals and annually reaches a live audience of 125,000.

Previous Living With Grief® teleconferences have included:

Living With Grief: Spirituality and End-of-Life Care (2011)
Living With Grief: Cancer and End-of-Life Care (2010)
Living With Grief: Diversity and End-of-Life Care (2009)
Living With Grief: Children and Adolescents (2008)
Living With Grief: Before and After the Death (2007)
Pain Management at the End of Life: Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice (2006)
Living With Grief: Ethical Dilemmas at the End of Life (2005)
Living With Grief: Alzheimer's Disease (2004)
Coping With Public Tragedy (2003)
Loss in Later Life (2002)
Caregiving and Loss (2001)
Children, Adolescents, and Loss (2000)
At Work, At School, At Worship (1999)
Who We Are, How We Grieve (1998)
When Illness is Prolonged (1997)
After Sudden Loss (1996)

Learn more about how you can get involved in the upcoming teleconference, or view information on our past programs.

Webinar Series

HFA is offers webinars that can be accessed live or on-demand after the event on a wide variety of topics. Continuing education for our webinars is always covered with the cost of registration.

Webinar Topics:
Bereavement Camps for Kids: Benefits and Challenges
Grief, Holidays and Family Dynamics
Supporting People with Intellectual Disabilities through Illness, Grief and Loss
Supporting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community through Illness, Death and Grief
Spirituality and End-of-Life Care Series

Lunch 'n Learn Series

Starting in 2011, HFA began offering a set of one-hour educational Lunch 'n Learn programs featuring a panel of experienced professionals lending their own expertise on the topic as well as discussing it with one another and the moderator. Participants in the live version of the program have the opportunity to send in questions.

Special Reports

African Americans and End-of-Life Care
This special report in the Living With Grief® series examines African American attitudes about care at the end of life, offers explanations as to why hospice, historically, has not been a choice for many African Americans, looks at grief and the African American community, and suggests ways to reach out to African Americans who are making end-of-life decisions.

Clergy Education Project

This program invites clergy and faith leaders to participate in a free, Internet or computer-based continuing education program that will enhance their understanding of end-of-life issues and provide interventive techniques to help minister to congregants. 

Self-Study Courses

Continuing education hours are available for self-study courses. See a complete list of courses.


  • Living With Grief® book and video series HFA publishes the Living With Grief® companion book series in conjunction with the teleconference. Videotapes and DVDs of past teleconferences are available in full-length and edited formats. For a list of available books and videotapes, please see our publications page.  
  • Journeys, a monthly newsletter for bereaved persons 
  • A Guide to Recalling and Telling Your Life Story, a tool to assist people in writing their autobiographies 
  • Clergy to Clergy: Ministering to Those Facing Illness, Death and Grief, an audio series developed to help clergy members of all faiths minister to their communities and see to their own needs as caregivers 
  • Educational Brochure Series: Hospice Foundation of America publishes a wide range of brochures which are available at no cost to the public and which are designed to introduce basic topics in hospice care and loss.

    • Choosing Hospice (also in Spanish)
    • Volunteering In Hospice
    • Hospice Care and the Military Family
    • Living With Grief: At Work
    • Living With Grief: At School
    • Living With Grief: At Worship
    • Caring for Someone Who is Dying
    • Supporting Your Friend Through Illness and Loss
  • A Caregiver's Guide to the Dying Process
  • HFA E-Newsletter, a free, monthly electronic newsletter with over 8,000 subscribers
  • The Hospice and Caregiving Blog chronicles articles, research, and original contributor essays on end-of-life care and caregiving.

Grant Programs

Read more about HFA's grant programs here.